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49 Useful Computing Basics

 , December 06, 2016
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An overview of analog with examples.


The common types of modern computer.


A definition of server with examples.


Examples of computing in everyday life.

Delimited Text File

The common types of delimited text file.


Binary completely explained.


An overview of hexadecimal as it relates to computing.

Application vs Service

The difference between application software and services.

Data Processing

A definition of data processing with examples.

Virtual Machine

The common types of virtual machine.

System on a Chip

A definition of system on a chip with examples.

Embedded System

The definition of embedded system with examples.


A definition of real-time with examples.

Defensive Computing

An overview of defensive computing.

Data Backup

Several data backup techniques compared.

Strong Password

A few examples of what makes a password strong or weak.

Encryption Examples

A definition of encryption with examples.

Personal Information

A definition of personal information with examples.


A definition of cybersecurity with examples.

Public Network

A definition of public network with examples.


A definition of sandbox with examples.
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