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14 Examples of Data Control

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Data control is the process of governing and managing data. It is a common type of internal control designed to achieve data governance and data management objectives. The following are examples of data controls.

Data Quality

Processes to ensure the accuracy, completeness, credibility and timeliness of data.

Audit Trail

Capturing logs such that data access can't go unnoticed. Allows incidents to be investigated.

Information Security

Protecting data from unauthorized access, modification, use or deletion. For example, secure authentication, authorization and encryption of data in storage and transit.

Data Custodian

The technical owner of a collection of data responsible for its administration.

Data Steward

The business owner of a collection of data responsible for its management.

Data Controller

The owner of compliance for a collection of data. Controls access to the data such as an internal request to take a copy of a database.

Segregation of Duties

Segregation of duties as a measure of risk reduction and compliance. For example, different people to approve a request to access a system and those who administer the request. This prevents situations where a single person can be tricked into giving out data.


Backing up data in multiple locations and procedures to restore it.

Data Retention

Policies for data retention and deletion. For example, deleting personal data when you no longer have a legitimate use for it.

Deletion & Disposal

Implementing data deletion and proper disposal of data storage devices.


Processes and procedures that are implemented to comply with regulations.

Incidents & Problems

Managing information security incidents and addressing root cause with processes of incident management and problem management.


Notification of incidents such as data breaches to business units, executives, government, customers and data subjects as appropriate.

Business Continuity

Processes to restore access to data in the event of a major disruption such as a disaster.
Overview: Data Control
Definition (1)
The process of governing and managing data.
Definition (2)
Internal controls that implement data governance and data management objectives.
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