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100 Types of Information Technology Services

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An information technology service is a technology that is wrapped in services such as support and management. This frees the customer from the complexity of installing and operating the technology themselves. The following are common types of information technology service.
Streaming media
Social media
Online video games
Game platforms
Mobile apps
Mobile app platforms
IT consulting
Cloud computing
Serverless computing
Cloud storage
Cloud databases
Backup and restore
Data archiving
Disaster recovery
Business continuity
Cybersecurity services
Access and identity management
Vulnerability scanning
Malware protection
Security infrastructure
IT infrastructure services
Data center services
IT outsourcing
Process automation & optimization
Algorithmic trading
Credit scoring
Business process outsourcing
Development services
Design services
IT project management
Project costing
Content management platforms
Customer relationship management
Customer support automation
Enterprise resource planning
Office productivity platforms
Video conferencing platforms
Collaboration platforms
Content delivery networks
Predictive analytics
Digital advertising
Digital marketing
Price analytics
Healthcare platforms
Machine learning services
Artificial intelligence platforms
Virtual assistants
Speech recognition
Computer vision
Image analysis
Speech synthesis
Edge computing platforms
End user computing
Internet services & networking
Hardware support & maintenance
Technical support
Help desk services
IT training & education
Education platforms
Managed databases
Managed platforms
Managed applications
Managed systems
Home automation services
Security monitoring services
Smart appliances
Home robotics
Energy management services
Smart city platforms
Internet of things
Patch management
Data integration
Data services
Business process management
Workflow automation
Reporting tools
Accounting platforms
Human resources management
Procurement platforms
Inventory management
Call center software
Document management
Batch processing
Quality management platforms
Quality control
Service management platforms
Satellite services
Robotics platforms
Industrial robotics
Drone automation
Warehouse automation
IT risk management
Data compliance services
Privacy compliance services
Security auditing
Compliance auditing


Technology infrastructure such as load balancers and firewalls. Services may offer support, management and self-service tools for configuring and operating infrastructure.


Computing resources such as a cloud computing platform that includes management of data centers and self service tools for deploying, scaling and monitoring computing.


Software applications that are fully operated, managed and supported by the provider.


Platforms for developing, deploying and managing custom applications and systems.


Services that can be used to extend the functionality of code. For example, an API that a mobile app can use to verify the identity of a user.


Network services such as a wifi service at an office or public location that is fully supported and managed by a telecom company.

Data Storage

Storage of files and objects such as a cloud storage service.

Data Synchronization

Synchronization of data across devices such as a service that syncs your contacts and photos on your mobile and home devices.


Storage of data such as a cloud database service.


Services that provide data itself such as market data.


Services that visualize data for human consumption.

Content Management

Content management tools that allow you to organize, control and share content and documents.

Content Delivery

Platforms for publishing content such as a content delivery network that automatically distributes your content to multiple data centers to serve users from a data center that is close to them.

Transaction Processing

Platforms that process business transactions such as a payments platform.


Services that allow you to semi-automate custom business processes that include human tasks.

Process Automation

Managed tools for automating work such as a platform for developing and deploying bots.

Event Processing

Services for managing events. For example, a tool that can create an incident ticket based on an error in a log.


Tools for monitoring technologies and business processes.

Information Security

Information security services such as a proxy that blocks suspicious requests to a service.


Mobile applications such as a navigation service.

Mobile Platforms

Platforms for developing and operating mobile services.


Search services such as an internet search engine or a search tool for your knowledge repositories.

Office Productivity

Basic productivity tools such as a cloud-based word processor.


Communication services such as voice, messaging, email, document sharing and virtual environments.


Game environments that are fully managed by the provider. For example, a cloud-based virtual world.


Environments for productivity such as a virtual desktop environment.

Development Environments

Environments for developing software.

Business Automation

Services that offer business functionality such as a marketing automation platform that can purchase digital advertising, optimize offers and score leads.


Information technology services potential extend to machines that can automate physical work. For example, a solar panel management platform that orchestrates cleaning and remote repair of solar modules.

Internet of Things

Physical things that are managed and supported by software services. For example, a jet engine that is monitored for safety and performance by the manufacturer.

Artificial Intelligence

Platforms for machine learning and service built with artificial intelligence.


Technology services typically offer a service level agreement that guarantees the performance of the service such as its availability.
It is common to use the phrase "as a service" to describe information technology services such as "infrastructure as a service."
Any technology can potentially be offered as a service.
Services are attractive to customers because they free the customer from installation, management, support and operation of the technology. They may also reduce upfront capital investments as technology services are commonly offered for a monthly fee.
Services are attractive to providers because they typically generate monthly recurring revenue.


Overview: Types of IT Service
A technology that is wrapped in services such as support and management.
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