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IoT vs Embedded Systems

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Embedded systems are computer hardware and software that are embedded into everyday things. They are dedicated to a particular function and are difficult to update once they are shipped.
Internet of things are computer hardware, software and networking capabilities that are embedded into everyday things. They are often updated using their network capabilities and may act as a client with functionality implemented by a cloud platform.

The Difference

Internet of things is a type of embedded system that connects to the internet. This may seem like a minor difference but it changes things quite a bit. Embedded systems tend to be small software programs that implement a few functions that never change once the product goes to the customer. Internet of Things may be updated constantly such that features and quality may be continually in flux.

Security & Privacy

It is common to implement internet of things in the cloud meaning that IoT can have far more complexity than an embedded system. For example, internet of things may have access to big data. Another key difference is that the internet of things introduces privacy and security concerns into products, infrastructure, vehicles and equipment that were previously isolated from such concerns.
IoT vs Embedded Systems
Embedded Systems
Things that contain computers, software and networking capabilities.
Things that contain computers and software.
A talking doll that accepts voice commands and regularly learns new words.
A talking doll that never learns but that isn't a privacy concern because it transmits no data.

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