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What is Over-Automation?

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Over-Automation is any automation that creates inefficiencies. It typically arises when an automated process fails to account for human factors.
As an example, consider a car that automatically switches off heated seats when the temperature in the cabin reaches a reasonable temperature. Such an automation may make sense to engineers within the context of a design meeting. However, on the market it may be perceived as an annoyance or bug by enough customers to result in poor reviews and suboptimal sales.
Overview: Over Automation
An automation that creates inefficiencies often by failing to consider human factors.
A user interface that automates things that most customers would prefer to control resulting in poor product reviews and low sales volumes.
An automated customer service process that results in lower customer satisfaction and a high churn rate.
A bank that automates mortgage origination processes with algorithms that are less sophisticated and capable of detecting risk as compared with a traditional professional interaction with clients.
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