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7 Examples of a System on a Chip

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A system on a chip, or SoC, is a complete computer system on a chip. They are small, self-contained, energy efficient and have low heat output. A SoC potentially includes all the core capabilities of a server such as software, a microprocessor, graphics processing unit, networking chips, memory and data storage. The following are potential applications of the technology.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices such as smart phones. SoC may integrate analog, 3G and WiFi capabilities.

Data Centers

Deployment of server-class SoC known as microservers in data centers to save space, power consumption and heat.


A hardware assembly that puts multiple microservers into one box together with power, cooling, networking and security features that collectively resemble a tiny data center.


Using microservers as a pool of computing resources for a cloud platform.


Constructing high performance computers using a large number of microservers as component parts.

Products & Services

Integration of computers into everyday things to improve products and services. For example, a bicycle with an integrated navigation and safety system.

Machines & Infrastructure

Building software intelligence into machines, infrastructure and transportation. For example, shipping boxes that transmit their location and status to improve supply chains and reduce shrinkage.
Overview: System on a Chip
A complete computer system on a single integrated circuit.
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