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6 Examples of Security Landscaping

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Security landscaping is the use of landscape features to enhance security. These are techniques that aim to be aesthetically pleasing, highly functional and reasonably secure. In other words, barbed wire fences and warning signs aren't considered security landscaping but security infrastructure. The goal of security landscaping is to make security features non-obvious so that people can continue to enjoy a property or public space. Security landscaping also considers factors such as human rights, health and safety, local culture and conventions. The following are a few common techniques.

Vehicle Barriers

Heavy objects and vegetation rooted to the ground to prevent intrusion by vehicles into pedestrian walkways and green spaces. In many cases, vehicle barriers are also designed to prevent vehicles from approaching the front of a building. Common vehicle barriers include planters, large trees, rocks, low walls and large sculptures. They are typically spaced to allow for easy passage of pedestrians and wheelchairs.

Natural Surveillance

Techniques that make spaces both indoors and outdoors highly visible to the public. For example, a house with large windows that is completely visible from a popular dog park may be more secure than a house hidden away behind a fence in a remote location.


A well maintained property or neighborhood may discourage crime as it sends signals that caretakers are vigilant.


People tend to have an innate fear of the dark and may overdo security lighting. A calm level of ambient lighting may be enough to facilitate natural surveillance. Poorly designed and severe lighting can cause glare and shadows that reduce visibility. Light pollution, night architecture and energy efficiency are also common considerations.

Access Points

Clear access points such as gates and pathways.


Clear delineation of private land or land with different functional purposes with boundary markers such as a decorative fence, small rocks, trees, bushes or shrubs.


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