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13 Types of Absinthe Green

 , March 15, 2023
Absinthe green is a bright green based on the color of the herbal spirit of the same name. As a drink, absinthe is naturally a pure spectral green that has a slightly toxic feel. It can also be colorless. Absinthe green is a very old color name and this likely emerged with the popularity of the drink, particularly in Paris, in the late 18th century when it came to be known as la fée verte, literally "the green fairy." The following are common variants of absinthe green color.
Neon Absinthe
Absinthe Mint
Bright Absinthe
Old Absinthe
Absinthe Cream
Absinthe Green
Dark Absinthe
Faded Absinthe
Light Absinthe
Pastel Absinthe
Victorian Absinthe
Sugared Absinthe
True Absinthe
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Absinthe Green
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Ink Black
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