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30 Types of Beige

Beige is a light yellowish brown. It is more than a single color as it is commonly used to describe a wide variety of light earthy browns and yellows. The word comes from the old French bege meaning "undyed wool." Beige was used as a color term in France from around 1855 and the word made its way to English by 1887. It is considered a neutral, drab, earthy and conservative color. The word beige is occasionally used as a metaphor for conservative, unimaginative aesthetics. This connotation is fading as it is far less commonly used in contemporary design as compared to the 1970s and 1980s when it was a common color for interiors, furniture, fixtures, fashion and electronics. The following are common types of beige.
Paper Beige
Bare Beige
Cosmic Latte
Unbleached Silk
Desert Sand
Light French Beige
French Beige
Mode Beige
Beige Ganesh
Beige Linen
Royal Beige
Birch Beige
Boutique Beige
Breezy Beige
Candlelit Beige
Death Valley Beige
Pencil Beige
Gnocchi Beige
Honey Beige
Light Beige
Malibu Beige
Mesa Beige
Shoelace Beige
Stonish Beige
Termite Beige
Woolly Beige


Early computer and telephone hardware was often a beige color.
Cosmic latte was calculated as the average color of the universe by a team of astronomers from Johns Hopkins University in 2002.
Offset CMYK printers have trouble producing beige such that it may appear purple or green.
Overview: Beige Color
Type Of
Color Of
Undyed wool
Average color of the universe
X11 Color Name
From the old French bege meaning undyed wool.

Beige Color

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