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32 Types of Brick Color

 , January 17, 2023
Brick color is a range of reds, oranges and browns inspired by the common color of the hard building material of the same name. Bricks are an ancient building material that were produced at great scale in the industrial revolution when they replaced stone as the exterior material of choice in industrialized countries. This is where the characteristic red color of bricks originated. Red was established as the standard color of bricks in England in the 1850s. This was done to increase the visibility of buildings in the fog. This red color spread around the world as British methods for scalable brick production where transferred to other nations. The following are common colors of brick.
Black Brick
Nether Brick
Dark Purple Brick
Purple Brick
Burnt Brick
Dark Brick Red
Brown Brick
True Brick #2
Glossy Brick Red
Deep Brick
Cottage Brick
Muddy Brick
Carmine Firebrick
British Red Brick
Salmon Brick
Pink Brick
Loft Brick
Auburn Brick
Brick Orange
Sunbleached Brick
True Brick #3
Oven Brick
School Brick
Neon Brick
Brick Red
White Brick
Clay Brick
Old Brick
Brick Orange #2
True Brick

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