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8 Definitions of Color With Examples

 , September 12, 2022
Color is human perception of wavelengths of light. This is part of our vision whereby the brain maps different wavelengths of light perceived by the eye to concepts such as blue or orange that are collectively known as color. The following are basic definitions of color with examples.
1. [biology, cognitive studies] The human and animal perception of different wavelengths of light.
Most species of fish can see a variety of colors.
2. [biology, cognitive studies] The human ability to map wavelengths of light or a lack of light to an intuitive visual concept such as black, white, blue, red, yellow, orange, brown and green.
Human color perception is influenced by culture.
3. [optics] The wavelengths of light that are absorbed and reflected by an object.
I am looking for a red colored hat.
4. [sociology] Human skin pigmentation other than pigmentation that is perceived as "white."
Her experience as a person of color.
5. [sociology] A symbol of identity.
They all wore their school colors to the game.
6. [business, media, communication] To provide informal details and opinions.
Can you give us some color as to how customers are reacting to the price increase?
7. [general] To change the optical properties of something.
She colored her hair.
8. [general] An emotional state.
The color in her face disappeared.
Color me surprised.
She opened up and showed her true colors.

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