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30 Types of Deep Red

 , December 20, 2022
Deep red is a dark to middle red that is heavily saturated with color. Prominent deep reds include deep crimson, madder and carmine. These retain a strangely fiery feel that is unusual in a dark color. As such, deep reds are associated with dark storytelling such as vampires and culture such as the gothic subculture that value a dark but lively aesthetic. The following are common deep reds.
Midnight Red
Princess Maroon
Stark Red
Dark Deep Red
Vampire Red
Gothic Red
Deep Red
Deep Red Wine
Red Chartreuse
Deep Red #2
Royal Red
Old Crimson
Deep Mahogany
Deep Crimson
Blood Red
Deep Cherry Red
Blood Cherry
Barn Red
Deep Red Rose
Vampire Maroon
True Red
Michigan Maroon
Deep Valentine Red
Deep Red Pastel
Red Velvet

Deep Red

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