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31 Types of Golden Yellow

 , April 17, 2023
Gold yellow is a bright slightly orangish yellow color based on the characteristic color of pure gold. Yellow is the true color of gold. However, people have long used the term gold to describe a great variety of things such as golden hair or golden wheat such that gold is often imagined as heavily orangish yellow or brownish yellow. Gold yellow is an ornate and auspicious color that is symbolic of wealth. The following are common types of gold yellow.
Heavy Golden Yellow
Ancient Gold
Golden Brass
Ancient Gold #2
Bronze Gold
Old Gold #2
Dark Golden Yellow
True Gold
Dull Golden Yellow
Old Gold
Trumpet Gold
Golden Brass #2
Flat Gold Yellow
Metallic Gold
Flat Golden Yellow #2
Flat Golden Yellow
Pale Gold
Golden Yellow #2
Golden Yellow #3
Gold #2
Pale Gold #2
Gold Yellow
Golden Yellow
Golden Yellow
Pastel Gold
True Gold
Deep Golden Yellow
French Gold
Bright Gold Yellow
Neon Gold
Generally speaking, a flat color doesn't capture the metallic shine of gold. In a digital environment, this can be simulated with textures and images.
The following is an image of gold as a color comparison. The color True Gold above was sampled from this image. If you compare, this is far more yellow and less organish and brownish than the other colors in the palette. It appears that most established colors attempt to simulate the metallic nature of gold with a darker color. It is also possible that people imagine gold as being more orangish that it is in reality.
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