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 , April 20, 2023
Mint greens are light cool greens that are loosely based on the color of mint candy and mint plants. Mint candy is traditionally based on plant oils such as peppermint,wintergreen and spearmint that have a dramatic cooling effect on the tongue. Mint greens are based on the characteristic color of these candies and tend to transmit this refreshing feeling of coolness and freshness. The following are common types of mint green.
Minty Seafoam
True Mint
Spearmint Evergreen
Neon Spearmint
Dark Wintermint
Seafoam Mint
Dark Peppermint
Neon Mint
Peppermint Sky
Vintage Mint
Ocean Wintermint
Minty Seafoam #2
Spearmint Wax
Electric Wintermint
Deep Peppermint
Peppermint Leaf
Cold Mint Tea
Wintermint #2
Stark Mint
Peppermint Ice
Peppermint Tea
Flat Spearmint
Minty Ice
Deep Wintermint
Pastel Vintage Mint
Seaside Mint
Mild Spearmint
Grey Wintermint
Cold Spearmint
Wintermint Ice
Snowy Mint
Peppermint Green
Old Mint
Lemon Mint #2
Dull Wintermint
Lemon Mint
Milky Spearmint
Light Spearmint
Milky Mint
Morning Spearmint
Frost Mint
Pastel Wintermint
Parisian Peppermint
Snow Mint
Baby Mint
Light Mint Green
Pastel Spearmint
Wintermint Cream
Light Lemon Mint
Ice Green
Vanilla Spearmint
Leafy Spearmint
Buttercream Mint
Light Peppermint
Pistachio Mint
Mint Marshmellow
Soft Mint
Wintermint White
Mint greens are often slightly bluish. There are also many mint colors that are considered blues.
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