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 , June 02, 2023
Red-black are reddish blacks and very dark reds. These include well known colors such as dark burgundy, black cherry and dark chocolate. Red is the most vibrant and bold of all colors with its strong associations with fire, sun and blood. Black is associated with night such that the strong combinations of these colors tends to feel gothic, regal and epic. Red-blacks aren't particularly common, although very dark reds are a common hair coloring. The following are common red-black colors.
Red Obsidian
Red Black #2
Burgundy Black #2
Charcoal Red
Burgundy Black
Maroon Black
Black Cherry
Dark Auburn
Roman Burgundy
Black Cherry #2
Maroon Black #2
Red Black
Cordovan Black
Black Cherry #3
Mahogany Black
Chocolat Noir
Stark Blackberry
Black Plum
Dark Chocolate
Black Rose
Cherry Rust
Maroon Plum
Deep Rogue
Deep Black Rose
Dark Scarlet Maroon
Cherry Cola
Blackberry #2
Cherry Chocolate
Dark Scarlet
Mars Black
Sunset Maroon
Dark Garnet
Midnight Blackberry
Raspberry Black
Midnight Scarlett
Dark Eggplant
Vampire Red
Burgundy Blackberry
Crimson Cherry
Black Chocolate
Dark Coffee
Velvet Black
Dark Cherry
Crimson Noir
Vampire Noir
Dark Crimson
Dark Ruby
Royal Cherry
Dark Raspberry
Red is the only color that can look black without being shaded with black as red sits at the long end of the visible spectrum at the edge of light that we can no longer perceive. As such, a long wavelength of red can appear dark to humans.
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