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32 Types of Slate Color

 , April 17, 2023
Slate colors are based on the common metamorphic rock of the same name. A single deposit of slate rock can have many colors of rock including light grey, dark grey, blue, green, cyan and purplish grey. The most iconic slate colors are light greyish blues that are plain and slightly creamy. Slate colors are commonly used as hair, fashion, exterior and interior colors. The following are common slate colors.
Midnight Slate Green
Deep Slate Green
Navy Slate
Slate Black
Slate Teal
Slate Azure
Ash Slate
Basalt Slate
Slate Green
Charcoal Slate
Midnight Slate
Olive Slate
Slate Brown
Slate Green #2
Pine Slate
Dark Slate Grey
Slate Grey #2
Slate Grey
Slate Grey #3
Rainy Slate
Slate Grey #4
Winter Slate
Cool Slate
Cold Slate
Medium Slate Grey
Deep Slate Grey
Silver Slate
Pastel Slate Grey
Stone Slate
Light Slate Grey
Pale Slate Grey
Dim Slate
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Purple Blue
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Sunset Pink
Very Light Colors
Yellow Brown
Yellow Green
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