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21 Types of Sunset Pink

 , April 18, 2023
Sunset pink is a range of bright to light pink colors based on the observed colors of sunsets. As the sun falls lower on the horizon, the light reaching you has traveled further through the atmosphere. Short wavelengths of light such as blue are scattered by the atmosphere more readily than long wavelengths of red light. This is the reason for the pinkish color of many sunsets. Sunset pinks tend to have an ethereal, flowery and nostalgic quality. The following are common examples of sunset pink.
Dark Sunset Pink
Sunset Plum
Michigan Sunset
Dusty Sunset Pink
Sunset Pink
Raspberry Sunset
Los Angeles Sunset
Sea Sunset
Italian Sunset
San Diego Sunset
California Sunset
New York Sunset
Rose Sunset
Tokyo Sunset
Coral Sunset
Coral Sunset #2
Saturday Sunset
Pastel Sunset
Sunset Cloud Pink
Cottage Sunset
Light Sunset Pink
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