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50 Examples of a Performing Art

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Performance art is a live creative expression. This has been a valuable part of culture since antiquity. Performance art is a large and lively industry that produces revenue, attracts visitors, improves quality of life and establishes cultural heritage that can be passed down to future generations. It is also an element of education, a pastime, shared experience and category of profession. The following are examples of performance arts.
Big Band
Classical Music
Contemporary Dance
Country Music
Culinary Theatre
Drama / Tragedy
Electronic Music
Fashion Show
Figure Skating & Ice Dance
Flash Mobs
Hip Hop Music
Improvisational Theatre
Jazz Music & Jazz Dance
Latin Dance
Magic & Illusion
Marching Band
Metal Music
Music Concerts
Musical Theatre
Pop Music
Postmodern Dance
Public Speaking
Punk Music
Reggae Music
Rock Music
Social Dance
Spoken Word
Stand-up Comedy
Tap Dance
Theatrical Dance
Traditional Dance
Traditional Theatre

Art vs Performing Art

Art is creative expression. Performing art is live creative expression in front of an audience. This has a time and place aspect whereby a performance is unique, intangible and impermanent.

Performing Art vs Entertainment

Performing art implies significant creative expression that is unconcerned about meeting the expectations of the audience. Entertainment implies media, performances or experiences that are crafted and optimized to be crowd-pleasing. Both performing art and entertainment can be highly commercial.

High Culture

High culture is any culture, including performing arts, that are controlled by high status institutions. This is associated with the cultural capital of the upper class whereby involvement in high culture is a type of social status and social event. In many cases, high culture is borrowed from avant-garde movements that challenge its unimaginative and static institutional tendencies. In other cases, high culture stems from traditional culture or popular culture.


The following are the basic types of performing art:


Performing art is live creative expression in front of an audience. This is considered an element of education alongside visual art.
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