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38 Examples of Fixtures

Fixtures are property that is attached or integrated into land or a building. This is a legal concept that is relevant to real estate transactions, debt securities, mortgages and lease agreements. Fixture is also a category of asset used in accounting. The following are examples of property that can be considered a fixture.
Air Conditioners
Architectural Ornament
Build-in Mirror
Build-in Shelving
Built-in Electronics
Built-in Furniture
Ceiling Fans
Clothes Line
Drapery Rods
Garage Door Opener
Heating Systems
Home Automation Features
Hot Water Heater
Kitchen Cabinets
Land Improvements (e.g. a tree or garden)
Light Fixtures
Playground Equipment
Security System
Smoke Detector
Swing Set
Venetian Blinds
Wall Sconces
Window Shades

Trade Fixtures

Fixtures that are specific to a business, trade or industry are known as trade fixtures. This is often viewed as separate property from land and a building. In the context of a lease agreement, trade fixtures are the property of the tenant. For example, a restaurant that attaches signs, interior decorations and kitchen equipment to a building is generally expected to remove these things and restore the property to its original condition.


Fixtures are contrasted with personal property that isn't considered part of a land or building.
Fixtures are recorded separately from land in accounting for the purposes of depreciation of assets.
Anything physically attached to land or a structure is a fixture. For example, venetian blinds are considered a fixture but curtains are often considered personal property.
Anything specifically intended to be integrated into land or a building is a fixture. For example, a statue or fountain in a garden.
If property is important to a seller it can be specifically excluded in a purchase agreement. For example, a swing set or small tree that is excluded from a sale because it has sentimental value to the seller.
The examples above are general examples that represent a global view. The exact interpretation of fixtures will vary by nation and jurisdiction.
Overview: Fixtures
Property that is attached or integrated into land or a building.
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