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40 Examples of Social Goods

 , April 19, 2022
Social goods are services that benefit people and planet. The can be contrasted with economic bads that damage quality of life and/or the environment. Social goods are produced by the environment such as a forest that provides ecological services such as the purification of air and water. They also include government services such as healthcare that benefit quality of life or the environment. In some cases, individuals, institutions, nonprofits or firms may also produce social goods such as a profitable company that has a positive influence on both the environment and quality of life everywhere they impact. The following are common types of social goods.
Access to Nature
Alleviation of Hunger
Alleviation of Poverty
Animal Rights
Child Welfare
Children's Rights
Clean Air
Clean Water
Community Development
Consumer Protection
Economic Opportunity & Inclusion
Ecosystem Restoration
Elimination of Racism
Elimination of a Disease
Environmental Justice
Food Safety & Quality
Food Security
Health & Wellness
Human Rights
Pollution Clean Up
Preservation and Access to Cultural Heritage
Protecting Endangered Species
Public Space
Quality of Life
Reduction and Mitigation of Disasters
Responsible Stewardship of Natural Resources
Reversal of Environmental Issues
Social Justice
Support for Arts & Performing Arts
Support for Culture
Support for Sports, Leisure & Recreation
Wildlife Habitat
Youth Employment
The list above is illustrative and non-exhaustive. Social goods can be viewed as the prevention or solution to social issues and environmental issues.
As a concrete example of a social good, a society that covers healthcare, dental care, education and social security for its members.
Anything that unambiguously improves quality of life for all people in a society, region, city or neighborhood can be viewed as a social good. This may include environmental justice and improvement of the environment.
Overview: Social Goods
DefinitionServices that benefit people and planet.
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