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72 Examples of the College Experience

The college experience is the life experience that you gather during your college years. College is often viewed as a stage of life for those who attend whereby you first get independence and freedom but are also faced with challenges such as how to manage competing demands on your time to reach your academic goals. The college experience includes social, personal, academic and professional experiences during your college years. The following are illustrative examples.
Attending lectures
Attending parties and events
Attending sports events
Being a teaching assistant
Budgeting expenses
Campus dining
Campus facilities such as gyms
Campus life
Campus politics
Career fairs
Career workshops
Choosing a major
Class discussion
Co-op programs
College formals
Conducting research
Creative expression such as art
Cultural experiences
Extracurricular activities
Fundraising events
Graduate studies
Graduation ceremonies
Group projects
Guest lectures
Independent work
Job searches
Joining a fraternity or sorority
Joining clubs and organizations
Joining sports teams
Language immersion
Language learning
Leadership experiences
Living in a dormitory
Making friends
Managing your time
Meeting deadlines
Meeting with professors and advisors
Musical performances
Networking events
Online learning
Organizing events
Orientation events
Part-time jobs
Practicing an instrument
Protests and activism
Public speaking
School traditions
Sports practices
Student government
Studying abroad
Studying late at night
Summer jobs
Summer programs
Teaching experiences
Test taking
Thesis defenses
Working out
Workshops and seminars
Writing essays
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