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55 Examples of Educational Experience

Educational experience are academic experiences that relevant to professional and academic roles. This includes schools that you have attended, degrees you have earned and other academic achievements. Educational experience also includes any work, activities and memberships that you feel helped to develop your talents, character and knowledge. The following are examples of educational experience.
Academic achievements
Academic awards
Academic conferences
Academic contests
Academic fellowships
Academic forums
Academic honors and distinctions
Academic research
Class discussion
Co-op programs
Coding assignments
Creative projects such as art
Critical analysis
Cultural experiences
Data analysis
Degrees and diplomas
Design projects
Engineering things
Extracurricular activities
Field research
Group projects
Language immersion
Leadership experiences such as student government
Managing stress
Managing time pressures
Media experiences such as student radio
Meeting assignment deadlines
Multicultural experiences
Organizing clubs and activities
Organizing events
Overcoming adversity
Peer mentoring
Public speaking
Publishing academic research
Publishing experiences such as a student newspaper
Relationship building and networking
Social experiences
Statistical analysis
Study groups
Studying abroad
Teaching experience
Theatrical performances
Thesis projects
Volunteer work
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