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27 Examples of Service Learning

Service learning is the process of learning by producing value for your community, school or the world in general. This is a type of direct experience that does something admirable or productive as opposed to passive experiences such as a field trip to a historical site. Service learning involves stages such as investigation, preparation, action, reflection, demonstration and evaluation. The following are common types of service learning followed by a few examples.
Awareness Campaigns
Beach Cleanup
Building / Construction
Campaigning for a Cause
Cleaning Initiatives
Community Interaction
Craft Workshops
Cultural Events
Cultural Performances
Disaster Preparedness
Diy Workshops
Environment Remediation
Food Cultivation
Food Preparation
Instructing Classes
Problem Solving
Public Speaking
Repair Cafes
Reuse Workshops
Risk Identification / Management
School / Community Garden
Tree Planting
Building something such as a small greenhouse for food production.
Campaigning, raising awareness, public speaking and fundraising for a cause that everyone in the learning group agrees is important.
Cleaning, waste removal and environmental remediation such as a beach or river cleanup.
Community interaction such as a craft workshop, performance, festival or meal at a retirement home.
Disaster preparedness such as developing and distributing disaster supply kits.
Cultivating and/or preparing food for your community or school.
Instructing classes, tutoring and teaching. For example, a student who is a dance instructor for children.
Solving or partially solving a problem such as a local environmental issue.
Research that determines the extent of a local environmental issue.
Drives to reduce, reuse and recycle such as crafting durable versions of things commonly viewed as disposable.
Producing gardens and other green spaces to improve community life.
Identifying and managing a risk. For example, identifying risks to a local endangered species and taking steps to reduce this risk.


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