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38 Examples of Accountability Measures

Accountability measures are practices, processes and cultures that ensure that persons are held accountable for all decisions and actions of an organization. Failures happen and when they do, there is an organizational process of recovering, learning and moving on. As part of this process, individuals are identified who own the failure. Generally speaking, these are the persons with the most direct authority to prevent the failure. The following are processes that can be used to ensure accountability.
Accepting and reviewing complaints from anyone i.e. members of the public
Accountability culture
Anonymous feedback
Audit trails – digital records that capture everything that happens on systems
Authorization and authentication – limited number of people who can access systems and resources
Clear roles and responsibilities
Clearly defined decision authority that always falls to a named person
Code of conduct
Compliance audits
Compliance management
Continuous monitoring
Decision rationales
Disciplinary action
Disciplinary policy
Escalation processes
Governance bodies
Incident reporting
Independent review
Internal controls e.g. approval processes
Managing low performance
Monitoring systems
Non-compliance reporting
Oversight boards
Peer review
Performance goals
Performance management process
Policy enforcement
Record keeping
Red flag system
Remedial measures
Responsibility documentation e.g. RACI matrix
Risk assessments
Risk management processes
Separation of duties
Stakeholder feedback
The principle that accountability can’t be delegated
Transparency processes
Whistleblower programs
It is not enough to blame failures on the human error of low level employees. Deep systematic flaws such as latent human error are considered in accountability measures. In this context, a process such as 5-whys is helpful. For example:


A train crashed.
The locomotive engineer was going too fast.
The locomotive engineer was under pressure to meet a schedule.
The operations team is often missing deadlines and is under pressure to improve.
Executive management has been underinvesting in systems and infrastructure for more than a decade such that the firm has serious capacity and reliability issues.


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