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40 Examples of Business Experience

Business experience is any work experience. This can include your experiences in any job or freelance work as well as contributions to family businesses or your own entrepreneurial ventures. On a resume, this is typically listed in chronological order with the name of the business and your role as a heading. Each heading is followed by a description of your business experience. The following are illustrative examples of types of business experience followed by a few detailed examples.
Accounting / Book Keeping
Business Analysis
Business Process Execution
Business Process Improvement
Client / Stakeholder Relationships
Coaching / Training / Mentoring
Customer Relationships
Customer Service
Development of Processes / Policies / Procedures
Financial Management
Knowledge Work
Leading Teams / Projects
Operations Work
Partner Relationships
Presentations / Public Speaking
Problem Solving
Product Development
Project Management
Project Work
Quality Assurance
Service Work
Software Development
Strategic Planning
Subject Matter Expert / Consulting
Supply Chain Management
Technical Work


Any job can be included as business experience including summer jobs and internships. Here you want to explain the impact you had on the business. For example:
Resolved guest inquires and complaints to achieve high customer satisfaction ratings of 97%.
Courteously checked-in customers to clear the afternoon rush. Worked efficiently to keep line-depth below two customers.
Delivered code to requirements and schedule. Received strongly positive feedback from project stakeholders.
Serviced an average of 90 elevators a month representing monthly revenue of up to 850k.
Line cook in a fast paced high-volume kitchen with a menu of 70+ items. Prepared up to 230 dishes an hour with zero customer complaints.


Freelancing business experience is listed much the same way as experience from a job. The primary difference is that you many be listing work for multiple clients. This can be accomplished by mentioning each client.
Redesigned a mobile app for _____ telecom that improved their user engagement by 22%.
Translated over 33 technical manuals for ____ Electric from German to English. Met all deadlines with high quality deliverables and positive feedback from client.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Founding or contributing to a risk-taking venture such as a family business.
Managed bookkeeping, financial accounting and taxes for a family business with annual revenues of $600,000.
Developed and marketed an app that identifies plants using the camera of a smartphone.
Planned, launched, operated and marketed a small fashion shop that employed three people.
Overview: Business Experience
The business relevant work and entrepreneurial experience of an individual.
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