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62 Examples of Business Situations

A business situation is a set of internal or external conditions that change at at point in time. Situations can include long running processes that you are suddenly managing. However, the term situation implies a sudden change in your business either positive or negative. Business situations can also be used to describe any particular event, task or activity that occurs at a point in time. The following are common examples of a business situation.
A Competitor Launches an Innovative Product
A New Product Fails on the Market
Answering Customer Questions
Bad Publicity
Business Process Failures
Change to Customer Needs
Change to Customer Perceptions
Clearing Issues
Compliance Issues
Costs Increase
Customer Attrition
Customer Service Interactions
Customers Socialize Complaints
Dealing With Customer Complaints
Dealing With Emotionally Charged Customers / Coworkers
Dealing with Criticism
Debt Increases
Decision Making
Declining Demand
Design Failures
Employees Quit
Employees Resist Strategy
Employees Socialize Complaints
Entertaining Clients
Everyday Operational Processes
Everyday Work Tasks
Expanding Into New Markets
High Demand for Products That Exceeds Your Supply
Industry Conferences
Information Security Incidents
Infrastructure Outages
Job Interviews
Launching New Business Capabilities
Layoffs / Firings
Lunch With Coworkers
Managing High Growth
Market Share Declines
Need to Refinance Debt
New Competition Emerges
New Regulations
Performance Reviews
Political Disruption / Instability
Poor Product Reviews
Product / Project Launches
Product Failures
Project Kickoff
Project Planning
Project Runs Late / Overbudget
Providing Feedback
Public Speaking
Responding to Internal Emails
Sales Drop
Supply Chain Delays / Failures
System Failures
Team Building Events
Unproductive / Disengaged Employees
Overview: Business Situations
Definition (1)
A set of internal or external business conditions that change at at point in time.
Definition (2)
A particular business event, task, activity or scenario that occurs at a point in time.
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