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102 Examples of Business Strengths

 , March 25, 2020
Business strengths are competitive advantages that allow a firm to outcompete, generate value and achieve efficiency. Strengths are often identified as part of strategic planning, swot analysis and competitive analysis. The following are common business strengths.
Ability to deliver projects to budget and schedule
Ability to deliver to customer commitments
Ability to innovate
Ability to lead industry change
Ability to recruit top talent
Accurate forecasting
Aggressive levels of experimentation
Aligned to the values of society
Barriers to entry
Benefit from economies of scale
Brand perceived as premium
Capacity for change
Communication is efficient and effective
Competitive prices
Consistently positive feedback from customers
Creative culture
Culture of aggressive change
Culture of professionalism
Customer experience is superior
Customers have high switching costs
Cutting edge products
Decision making is informed
Diligent quality control
Effective distribution channels
Effective quality assurance practice
Efficient inventory management
Efficient processes
Efficient tools
Energy efficient operations
Engaged with culture
Engaged with customers
Fast order turnaround time
Friendly and professional customer service culture
Good relationship with communities
Good relationship with investors
Good reputation
High brand recognition
High conversion rates
High employee engagement
High gross margins
High levels of automation
High market penetration
High performing employees
High product availability
High return on invested capital
High work throughput
Highly trained employees
Lack of debt
Large cash position
Logistics capabilities
Low cost of capital
Low overhead costs
Low risk exposure
Low unit cost
Loyal customers
Mature compliance processes
Mature governance processes
Mature project management capabilities
Measuring the right things
Outperform the competition
Performance is benchmarked against competition
Positive brand image
Positive impact on people & planet
Prime locations
Proactive approach to problem solving
Process of measuring and improving
Productive work culture
Products align to customer needs
Products and services are highly usable
Products are reliable
Products outperform all competition
Products perceived as high quality
Quickly detect and handle incidents
Relationships with customers
Relationships with partners
Resilient operations
Risk is managed
Sales achieve high win rate
Satisfied customers
Satisfied employees
Secure systems
Service perceived as professional
Services outperform all competition
Short time to market
Significant product variety
Strategy is closely aligned across organization
Strong demand for products
Strong design capabilities
Strong product development pipeline
Strongly differentiated products
Sustainable business model
Sustainable operations
Sustainable products
Systems are efficient
Talented employees
Teams cooperate
Teams share knowledge & resources
Valuable and high quality data
Valuable intellectual property
Valuable know-how
Valuable trade secrets
Willingness to take calculated risk

Competitive Advantage

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