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Organizational Change

3 Examples of a Change Management Plan

A change management plan is a plan to lead organizational change by clearing major issues, sidelining resistance and empowering agents of change. The following are illustrative examples.

Change Management Plan

A plan that is developed at the beginning of a project that outlines the actions that will be taken to lead at the change management level. This is typically developed by the project sponsor or a change management professional representing the sponsor.

Communication Plan

Change management is primarily a practice of communicating and using the authority of the project sponsor to clear issues. As such, a communication plan may be developed in support of the main change management plan.

Issue Tracker

A tracker for current change management issues and action items. This should not be confused with the project issue tracker as it only covers issues that require leadership intervention.


An organizational change management plan should not be confused with a project change management plan that maps out the process for accepting change requests for a project.
Overview: Change Management Plan
A plan to lead organizational change by clearing major issues, sidelining resistance and empowering agents of change.
Not To Be Confused With
Project Change Management Plan
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