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42 Examples of a Communication Issue

A communication issue is a barrier, failure or act of subterfuge that prevents effective communication. This includes failures to communicate meaning, the spread of incorrect information and a failure to persuade. The following are common examples of communication issues.
Not Communicating
Avoiding communication / avoiding a topic that merits conversation.
Intentionally spreading inaccurate information.
Spreading inaccurate information such as rumors without any intention to deceive.
Ad Nauseam
Repeating things until people become hostile towards your message.
Taking about things too much or taking about things that need not be discussed.
Spreading accurate information with malicious intent (e.g. disclosing a coworker's mistake to many people in order to harm their career).
Chaotic sound, visuals or environments that make communication more difficult.
Not listening. It should be said that it is not true that people should always active listen -- filtering is essential to productivity and general sanity.
Not using the power of humor or not getting humor where it is deployed.
A social environment that punishes free expression of ideas.
Not saying what you believe for fear of social, political or economic consequences.
Overused phrases and ideas.
Filter Bubble
Algorithms that show you articles that align to your opinions so that you may overestimate how much the world agrees with you.
Information Bubble
Isolating yourself from information that conflicts with what you want to believe.
Social Bubble
Surrounding yourself with like-minded people such that you may underestimate the intellectual diversity that exists.
Excessive secrecy or a lack of candor.
Weasel Words
Citing an anonymous authority such as "The science says.." or "Experts agree.."
Dumbing Down
Oversimplifying complex issues.
Targeting Failure
Failing to consider the motivation, expectations and background of your audience.
Norm Violations
Violating norms of communication (e.g. interrupting others).
Failing to maintain a civil approach to intensive communication such as an argument.
Body Language
Poor body language or avoiding eye contact.
Linguistic Accuracy
Using words incorrectly.
Linguistic Errors
Linguistic errors such as poor grammar.
Being overly dramatic. Typically fails to influence.
Choosing safe words and passive phrasing in situations that demand clarity, vivid language or calls to action.
Cultural Competence
An inability to communicate with people from different backgrounds.
Negative Politics
Negative politics such as authoritarianism.
Inefficient communication such as long meetings that resolve nothing.
Message Framing
Failing to frame your communication in a way that is likely to persuade.
Attempting to exclude others (e.g. inside jokes that excludes one person from a group).
Failing to take advantage of the opportune moment to say something.
Ethos is the use of authority to persuade. A counterexample would be failing to establish credibility before stating your opinion.
Pathos is an appeal to emotion. Counterexample: being overly logical about an issue that is deeply emotional.
Logos is the use of logic to persuade. Counterexample: appearing to be overly emotional where your opposition appears grounded and reasonable.
Cowardly Language
Framing your words so that they are difficult to criticise as opposed to framing them to communicate.
Making invalid assumptions or failing to challenge the invalid assumptions of others.
Grit is social toughness. Counterexample: letting others emotionally influence you with minor insults.
Issues related to personal presence. For example, appearing to be a pushover in a situation where you'd like to be tough.
Planning Failure
Not planning your communication. For example, failing to anticipate the objections of your audience.
Failure to set / manage expectations.
Failure of Imagination
Boring your audience, taking communication too seriously and other spectacular failures of creativity and imagination.

Communication Failure

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