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24 Examples of Company Departments

 , May 13, 2022
Company departments are the major functional divisions or teams in the structure of an organization. These differ greatly by industry. For example, an investment bank may have departments such as treasury and trading that are specific to banking. Likewise, it is common for firms to develop unique structures and departments as a form of competitive advantage. The following are common examples of company departments.
Asset Management
Board of Directors
Business Development
Corporate Communications
Creative Services
Customer Service / Customer Experience
Finance / Accounting
General Management
Human Resources
Information Technology / Technology
Investor Relations
Product Management
Project Management Office
Purchasing / Sourcing
Quality Assurance
Risk Management
Strategic Initiatives & Programs


The classic departments of industrial age firms were general management, finance / accounting, human resources, marketing, operations, purchasing and information technology.
In many cases, the functions above may be teams inside other teams. For example, in some cases, sales is a team inside marketing.
It is also common for companies to be structured by business unit. For example, an IT company that has a cloud services and a consulting department. Firms can also be structured geographically.

Company Departments

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Business Unit
Creative Services
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Human Resources
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Product Management
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