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78 Examples of Company Goals

Company goals are objectives that a business sets for a period of time. These are set at the level of a business, department, team and are also encoded in the individual performance goals of employees. At a high level, company goals mostly relate to brands, revenue, costs, quality, productivity and business capabilities. The following are common examples of company goals followed by a few detailed examples.
Business Expansion
Closing Sales
Conversion Rate
Customer Rankings & Reviews
Customer Satisfaction
Decrease Complaints
Decrease Order Fulfillment Time
Decrease Returns
Decrease Service Wait Time
Decrease Turnaround Time
Diversify Revenue
Diversity Supply
Employee Retention
Employee Satisfaction
Enter New Regions
Financial Management & Oversight
Financial Reporting
Financing the Company
Generating Sales Leads
Improve / Sustain Company Reputation
Improve Brand Image
Improve Company Culture
Improve Customer Experience
Improve Product Features & Functions
Improve Product Quality & Design
Increase Brand Recognition
Increase Employee Performance
Increase Margins
Increase Partner Performance
Increase Return on Investment
Increase Revenue
Increase Service Speed
Increase Service Uptime / Availability
Increase Share of Wallet
Increase Transparency
Increase Value of Assets
Information Security
Investor Relations
Manage Assets
Manage Risk
Market Penetration
Market Research
Market Share
Measure the Business - e.g. new reporting / benchmarking
Modernize Technology
New Business Capabilities
New Customers
New Locations
New Markets
New Partnerships
New Products & Services
New Target Customers / Customer Segments
Productivity - Automating Processes
Productivity - Increasing Work Throughput
Project Delivery - Budget & Time
Project Delivery - Return on Investment
Quality Improvement
Rebranding / Corporate Identity
Recruiting Talent
Reduce Cost
Reduce Customer Churn
Reduce Defects
Reduce Overhead
Reduce Time to Market
Research & Development
Retrenchment - Exiting Markets
Sales Volume
Service Quality
Standards Compliance
Streamline Processes
Technology Rationalization
Training & Development
Unit Cost Improvement
Upsell / Cross-Sell
Workplace Safety

Detailed Examples

Company goals are typically designed to be smart meaning that they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. The following are illustrative examples.
Increase revenue by 12% in 2037.

Increase service revenue by 38% in Q1.

Increase gross margins for beverages to 40%.

Decrease the overhead cost of HR to $8,000 per employee.

Grow customer subscriptions to 1.2 million in Q1.

Close 1.4 million in recurring revenue.

Retire the legacy ____ system to reduce license and support costs by $1.3 million per annum.

Deliver the ____ product to schedule and budget.

Deliver the architectural design for the ____ product to stakeholder satisfaction. [measurable with stakeholder feedback]

Increase customer satisfaction to 77%.

Decrease customer churn rate to 2% per quarter.

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