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Customer Experience
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Customer Experience

52 Examples of Customer Communication

Customer communication is the process of exchanging meaning with customers. This includes everything from the information on your product packaging to building and sustaining person-to-person business relationships with clients. The following are illustrative examples of customer communication.
Account Management
Booths at Conferences
Brand Symbols
Building / Sustaining Customer Relationships
Client Pitches
Closing Sales
Cold Calling
Compliant Handling
Corporate Websites
Customer Advocacy - driving internal change on behalf of the customer
Customer Feedback
Customer Service Interactions
Direct Mail
Ecommerce Apps
Ecommerce Websites
Handling Cancellations / Refund Requests
High Touch Service - personalized services
In-store Displays
Invoices & Bills
Lead Generation
Market Research
Media Directed at Customers (e.g. a product how-to video)
Order Confirmations
Order Updates
Personal Selling
Press Releases
Product Demonstrations
Product Manuals
Product Packaging
Product Recalls
Promotion & Advertising
Promotional Events
Public Speaking
Resolving Customer Inquiries
Responding to Customers In Social Media
Responding to Reviews
Return Handling
Sales Meetings
Sales Presentations
Sales Proposals
Solution Selling - delivering products and services to customer specifications
Solving Customer Problems
Thank You Notes
Visual Environments - a type of visual communication

Customer Experience

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