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40 Examples of Digital Business

Digital business is the creation and capture of value through electronic channels. Currently, this mostly refers to services provided over the internet including elements such as ecommerce, mobile apps and business services. In many cases, the digital business value chain has physical elements such as an online retailer that ships physical products to customers. The following are illustrative examples of digital business.
Bricks & Clicks
Business-to-Business Ecommerce
Cloud Services
Communication Services
Content Subscriptions
Creative Services
Digital Advertising
Digital Banking
Digital Business Services
Digital Design Services
Digital Goods
Digital Magazines
Digital Marketing
Digital Markets
Digital Media
Digital Payments
Digital Sales
Ecommerce Reselling
Gig Economy
Infrastructure as a Service
Mass Customization
Mobile Apps
Online Auctions
Online Communities
Online Consulting
Online Event Bookings / Tickets
Online Retailer
Online Travel Bookings
Product Customization
Recommerce / Used Goods
Service Subscriptions
Social Media Content
Software as a Service
Streaming Media
Subscription Boxes
Video Games
Virtual Reality / Immersive Experience

Digital Economy

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Mixed Reality
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Software As A Service
Two-Sided Markets
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