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21 Examples of Digital Communication

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Digital communication is any computer-based technology for communicating. This includes personal communication and the communication of information, entertainment and promotions to broad audiences. The following are common examples of digital communication.


Many regular phone lines are still based on analogue technologies. However, mobile phones have largely been digital since the introduction of 2G in 1991. It is also common for home and office phone lines to be based on a digital technology known as voice-over-ip that is used to reduce costs, particularly fees for long distance phone calls.

Chat & Conferencing

Apps for video chat and conferencing that allow for remote conversations and events such as meetings.


Messaging apps on phones and other devices such as laptops and televisions.


Email is an antiquated but still dominant system of digital messaging.

Social Media

Services that allow users to publish information to the world or to a select group of social connections.

Websites & Apps

Any website or app that communicates information, entertainment, art or promotional content.


Modern television systems are digital including broadcast signals and cable. Any television service that is HD resolution or above is typically digital.

Digital Radio

Digital radio services such as satellite radio.


Podcasting whereby anyone can publish audio files that resemble a radio show.

Streaming Media

Video and audio that are available on-demand.


Livestreaming whereby anyone can perform a live broadcast from their phone or computer.


Video games can be considered a type of communication, even if they don't include any social communication. For example, they communicate visual imagery and sound.

Immersive Experiences

Immersive experiences are experiences that feel real but aren't. These are often digital such as an experience that is created with virtual reality technologies.

Digital Media

Digital media such as a digital photograph or video.

Digital Publishing

Publishing of books and other content in digital formats such as an ebook.

Digital Documents

Any document produced and communicated using a computer such as a spreadsheet or presentation deck.

Digital Advertising

Promotional messages in digital media such as a website, app or game. Digital advertising can also reach into physical environments such as a digital billboard or poster.

Art & Music

Artistic expressions that are produced or distributed with digital technology such as an album released on a lossless digital format.


Modern films may be shot with digital cameras and distributed with digital technologies.

Augmented Reality

The inclusion of digital entities in the real world such as a digital twin of a historical artifact that is displayed as a hologram in a classroom.


Digital communication is a class of media and direct communication tools that use computers and the internet. These have changed society, economies and cultures by allowing anyone to publish media to the world.
Overview: Digital Communication
Computer-based communication.
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