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102 Examples of Digital Services

Digital services are goods of intangible value that are delivered electronically. These tend to be scalable with unlimited inventory and very low marginal costs. This being said, digital services can be expensive to develop and launch. It is likely that digital services will grow to dominate global GDP whereby services such as mass customization, ecommerce, digital media and virtual reality will increasingly compete with traditional physical products and labor intensive services. The following are common examples of digital services.
AI Services
Augmented Reality
Authentication & Authorization
Automation Services
Backup & Restore
Batch Processing
Business Processes
Cloud Computing
Cloud Storage
Collaboration Tools
Communication Services
Compliance Services
Computer Vision
Consumer Information & Reviews
Content Delivery Networks
Content Licensing Services
Content Subscriptions
Crowdfunding Services
Customer Service Platforms
Design Services & Tools
Digital Advertising
Digital Assets
Digital Education
Digital Marketing
Digital Publications
Digital Surveillance
Edge Computing
Email & Messaging
Encryption Services
Event Processing
File Storage
Financial Services
Fraud Detection
Game Engines & Hosting
Geographical Information & Positioning
Health Data Services
Hosted Software
Identity Services
Image Processing
Industry Vertical Services (e.g. airline reservation system)
Information Access
Infrastructure Management
Infrastructure as a Service
Internet Services
Internet of Things
Machine Learning
Maintenance Services
Managed Software
Manufacturing as a Service
Marketing Services
Markets & Exchanges
Mass Customization
Media & Content
Media Platforms
Media Streaming
Mobile Apps
Mobile Internet Services
News / Newspapers / Newsletters
Office Automation
Online Banking
Online Communities
Online Learning
Point of Sale Services
Productivity Tools
Quantum Computing
Remarketing & Retargeting
Robotics Services
Sales Force Automation
Smart City Services
Social Media
Social Media Marketing
Software Development Platforms & Tools
Software as a Service
Stock Photography
Streaming Media
Technology Platforms
Text Processing
Tracking Services (e.g. asset tracking)
Training Services
Travel Planning & Booking
Video Conferencing
Video Games
Video Processing
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Virtual Reality
Voice Recognition


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