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Objectives are actionable steps towards end-goals. End-goals such as getting a promotion at work aren't directly actionable. Objectives are the actionable steps that you will take to achieve end-goals such as delivering a project, task or activity. The following are examples of personal, professional and business objectives.

Personal Objectives

Personal objectives are things you'd like to achieve, experience or change about yourself. These differ from end-goals as objectives are things that you can action now.
Learn a language
Read more
Make friends
Start a business
Get a job
Practice an instrument
Study for an exam
Save money
Travel somewhere
Get into a college
Pursue a hobby
Live in the moment
Develop self-discipline
Overcome a fear
Discontinue a bad habit
Celebrate each day
Be more productive
Build stronger and deeper relationships
Forgive myself and others
Look at life with humor and positivity
Join a sports team
Improve your performance in a sport
Improve your performance at work
Learn a skill
Change your lifestyle
Become more confident and independent
Stop worrying about little things
Stop worrying what others think
Make better use of time

Career Objectives

Actionable goals for your career. This can begin long before your career starts whereby school achievements are a path to a career.
Get a promotion.
Improve work quality.
Improve visibility at work.
Gain more important work assignments.
Start a side business.
Start a family business.
Found a startup.
Develop a new skill.
Change careers to a new profession.
Change to a new department in your company.
Learn to sideline stress and be more happy with work.
Get into the office more to improve perceptions.
Avoid upcoming layoffs by delivering important work.
Make more friends at work.
Build a network of professional connections.
Develop your talents as a public speaker.
Deliver results to secure a large bonus.
Become a team leader on the path to management.
Get rid of a terrible duty or task.
Push into conversations to influence team direction more.

Business Objectives

Business objectives include short term end-goals such as revenue in a year. They can also include steps towards long term goals such as improving a process to increase operational efficiency. The following are the common type of business objective without specific numerical targets or dates.
Increase revenue
Reduce costs
Reduce risks
Improve efficiency
Expand market share
Improve quality
Increase margins
Increase profits
Improve customer service
Improve customer experience
Improve customer satisfaction
Improve product and service ratings, reviews and word of mouth
Increase sales volumes
Diversify revenue
Streamline processes
Increase production volumes
Increase brand recognition and awareness
Build and sustain a positive reputation
Increase customer loyalty
Reduce customer attrition
Build competitive advantages
Overcome competitive disadvantages
Solve business problems
Retain talented and productive employees
Increase productivity
Increase employee performance

SMART Objectives

Smart objectives are designed to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timebound. This is all intuitive with the difficult part being making the objective measurable. Technically, anything that can be marked as true/false is measurable. However, people tend to want to see a number, any number, in a smart objective. The following are examples.
Study math for 2 hours a day without distraction until the exam.
Improve math grade to above 80%.
Improve customer satisfaction to 82%.
Deliver 19 modules of code for the ____ project.
Improve code quality to less than 1 defect per thousand lines of code.
Deliver high priority work on time to improve my bonus to 20k.
Improve order turnaround time to less than 45 minutes.
Close sales of $8.7 million in the quarter.
Increase sales win rate to 51% of proposals in January.
Increase gross margins to 60% in Q2.
Secure $1.2 in research funding next year.
Launch a new product by June with 10% market share within 6 months.


Objectives are goals that are actionable steps towards your end-goals. These are more relevant to planning and performance evaluations than end-goals which are often not directly actionable. Objectives are also commonly known as SMART goals.


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