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54 Examples of Information Literacy

Information literacy is the ability to discover, process, evaluate, organize, use and communicate information. This is related to digital literacy and the sense that modern people require the skills to navigate complex information environments such as social media. The following are basic examples of digital literacy.
Applying information to decision making
Applying information to problem solving
Awareness of common biases / fallacies
Categorizing information
Citations / knowledge of copyright issues
Combining information
Comparing information
Composing knowledge artifacts (e.g. composing an essay)
Comprehension of creative expressions such as literature
Creative expressions of information
Critical thinking
Debating skills
Differentiating cause and effect
Drawing conclusions
Evaluating accuracy / precision
Evaluating information context
Evaluating media motives (e.g. biased information in media such as advertising)
Evaluating the authority and credibility of sources
Evaluating the implications of information
Evaluating the social / political context surrounding information
Gathering information
Grasping new concepts
Identifying and using information resources
Identifying misinformation / disinformation
Identifying point of view
Identifying the misuse of statistics
Information analysis
Information goals - setting a goal for what you want to find out
Information needs - identifying what you need to know
Interpreting data / statistics
Interpreting visual information
Knowledge of the scientific method
Known unknowns - being able to identify what you don't know
Language literacy / vocabulary
Learning skills / Independent learning skills
Mapping information
Media literacy
Objectivity - the ability to evaluate information in a neutral way without motivated reasoning, judgement or prejudice
Participating / leading group discussion
Performing calculations
Primary Research
Publishing information
Reading comprehension
Secondary Research
Summarizing information
Testing ideas / experiments
Troubleshooting - a systematic search for the source of a problem
Using digital tools
Using information accurately
Validating sources
Verbal communication of information
Visual communication of information

Rights & Responsibilities

Information literacy can be viewed as a responsibility whereby it could be viewed as a civic duty to know how to acquire and evaluate information. The education and tools required to achieve information literacy would then be viewed as a right.
Overview: Information Literacy
The ability to discover, process, evaluate, organize, use and communicate information.
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