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51 Examples of Information Skills

Information skills are talents and knowledge that allow an individual to efficiently discover, process, model, analyze, evaluate, communicate and manage knowledge. This is a basic life skill and academic skill that can progress to advanced professional skills such as information science and information management. The following are common information skills.
Copyright Literacy
Critical Literacy
Data Lineage
Data Literacy
Data Science
Database Queries
Dealing with Uncertainty
Decision Modeling
Digital Literacy
Evaluating Information
Evaluation of Sources
Identifying Unknowns
Independent Learning
Information Analysis
Information Architecture
Information Collection
Information Control
Information Design
Information Literacy
Information Management
Information Modeling
Information Preservation
Information Processing
Information Quality
Information Retrieval
Information Science
Information Synthesis
Internet Search
Knowledge Development
Knowledge Management
Knowledge of Sources
Problem Modeling
Query Languages
Reading Comprehension
Recording Metadata
Research Literacy
Research Methods
Statistical Analysis
Theory Formulation
Using Metadata
Verbal Communication
Visual Communication


The ability to search and evaluate sources on the internet to determine a reliable answer to a question is a basic type of information skill.
Information is data that is human readable and human relevant.
Data analysis and data science are intertwined with information analysis and information science.
Research methods are academic methodologies such as the scientific method or historical method.

Information Skills

This is the complete list of articles we have written about information skills.
Academic Skill
Data Analysis
Data Lineage
Data Literacy
Data Science
Digital Literacy
Information Analysis
Information Design
Information Quality
Information Science
Life Skill
Statistical Analysis
Visual Communication
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