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27 Examples of Market Change

A market change is a shift in market forces or conditions. These occur in any market including stock markets, currency markets, consumer markets, business markets and labor markets. The following are common examples of a market change.
Brand Strength (e.g. new brand that is massively advertised)
Business Disruptions (e.g. disasters)
Changing Needs (e.g. change to customer lifestyles)
Changing Perceptions
Costs (e.g. transaction costs)
Culture Change (e.g. changing values that influence market)
Demand Up / Down
Financial Conditions (e.g. interest rates)
Globalization / Deglobalization
Government Shutdowns
Information Asymmetry (e.g. insider information)
Market Exit (a competitor leaves your market)
Market Failures (e.g. stock exchange goes down)
Market Instability (e.g. rapid changes in price)
Media (e.g. product reviews that greatly influence a product market)
New Entrants (e.g. new competition in a product category)
New Substitutes (e.g. ability to use one product instead of another)
Political Disruptions
Quality Levels
Reputational Change
Risk Perceptions
Skills Gap (labor markets)
Supply Chain Disruptions
Supply Up / Down
Technological Change
Trade Barriers
Overview: Market Change
A shift in market forces or conditions.
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