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46 Examples of Media Studies

Media studies is the academic discipline that examines the history, influence, current state and changing direction of widespread communication. This examines the content of media such as journalism, entertainment, shared experiences, social processes, art and information exchange. Media studies also looks at the influence of media over society, culture, communities, behavior and large scale social processes such as globalization. The following are examples of topics in media studies.
Anthropology of Media
Artistic Media
Contemporary Media e.g. video games
Digital Media
Functions of Media
Historical Media
Immersive Media
Impact of Media on Public Policy and Opinion
Impact of Media on Society
Information Environments
Interactive Media
Mass Media
Media & Globalization
Media Analysis
Media Bias
Media Consumers
Media Convergence
Media Criticism
Media Culture
Media Economics
Media Ethics
Media Experiences
Media Influence Over Identity, Culture and Behavior
Media Influencing & Message Framing
Media Institutions
Media Literacy
Media Manipulation
Media Production
Media Psychology
Media Regulations
Media Research
Media Structure and Ownership
Media Technology
Media as Entertainment
Misinformation & Disinformation
New Media
Popular Culture
Social Media
Stereotypes in Media
Traditional Media e.g. radio
Virtual Communities
Virtual Environments
Visual Media
Overview: Media Studies
The academic discipline that examines the history, influence, current state and changing direction of widespread communication.
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Legacy Media
Mass Media
Media Analysis
Media Bias
Media Comm.
Media Consumption
Media Effects
Media Impact
Media Influence
Media Issues
Media Messages
Media Quality
Media Responsibility
Media Studies
Media Theory
Media Transparency
Shadow Banning
Traditional Media
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