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18 Examples of Obstacles

 , January 23, 2021
Obstacles are problems that get in the way of a goal. This is commonly used to describe hardships in life and issues in business. The following are illustrative examples.


A lack of financial resources. Poverty is a fundamental type of life obstacle.


Time is a fixed resources such that consumption of time can be an obstacle. For example, a student who has to take care of a sick relative at home may have much less time for study than their peers.


Health problems can severely drain the time, energy, focus and resources of an individual.


A lack of resources. For example, a student who has no working electronic devices when their school suddenly shifts to learn-from-home.


A lack of social or economic stability. For example, a child who has strong emotional disruptions due to the divorce of their parents.


Problems fitting into the systems and institutions of society. For example, a lack of citizenship or residency where you live such that you face great instability and a lack of rights such as access to a healthcare system.

Cultural Capital

Cultural capital is the ability to socialize and influence in the context of a culture. For example, an exchange student who finds it difficult to find friends and relate in a different culture.


Access to education and quality of education. For example, a student who attends a school with low standards and frequent disruptions in class such that they have no realistic chance of learning to their full potential.


A lack of valuable relationships such as good friends.


Social problems such as a student who faces exclusion and bullying from their peers.


Biases such as a disabled person who faces discrimination and social prejudice on a daily basis that becomes exhausting.

Quality of Life

Quality of life issues such as a child who lives in a place with unacceptable air quality.


Difficulties in acquiring required knowledge. For example, an individual who starts a farm without a farming background or support from experienced farmers.


Failures themselves can be obstacles. For example, a failed crop that threatens a farming business sending it into a period of instability.


Technical problems such as a student who has a laptop that malfunctions when a large number of essays are due.


Basic services that are low quality or unreliable. For example, a student with an unstable and slow internet connection.


Political obstacles such as a manager who has political foes who sabotage their projects.


Obstacles can relate to a person themselves including their personality, talents, behavior and cognitive limitations. For example, a student with an intense fear of public speaking who pursues a career that requires high visibility.
Overview: Obstacles
A problem that relates to a goal.
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