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Program Management
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Program Management
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Program management is the practice of leading multiple projects and initiatives that may be interrelated in complex ways. Programs may be sustained for long terms of time and implement projects in parallel such that program management involves much communication, relationship management, prioritization, decision making, change leadership and project management diligence. The following are common examples of what's involved in program management.
Build a productive and creative team culture.
Build partnerships and cross-discipline collaborations.
Communicate to increase awareness of programs.
Comply with regulations, standards and policies.
Continually improve project management practices.
Contribute to strategic planning at the organizational or department level e.g. IT strategy.
Control change to programs and adapt to change.
Create program transparency with communication and reporting.
Deliver interrelated projects of high complexity.
Deliver program and project objectives to budget and schedule commitments.
Delivery of a portfolio of projects.
Enforce organizational policies and controls such as budget approvals.
Engage stakeholders to clear issues.
Engage subject matter experts to develop plans and solutions.
Establish program goals and objectives and map these to team and individual performance objectives.
Establish project management best practices.
Evaluate and regularly reassess program costs, risks and benefits.
Identify and manage program risks.
Manage business analysis processes such as requirements gathering.
Manage procurement processes such as RFPs.
Manage program managers and project managers.
Manage stakeholder relationships.
Manage systems analysis processes such as system architecture and design.
Matrix supervision of employees.
Mentor and support program managers and project managers.
Organize and facilitate program and project meetings.
Oversee performance management for program and project teams.
Own programs including communication with senior management.
Perform data analysis and make recommendations and decisions to improve products, increase efficiency and reduce risk.
Perform financial analysis of programs such as return on investment.
Plan and allocate resources to ensure that teams and vendors are consistently productive.
Plan and control budgets.
Plan deployments and operations.
Prioritize between competing demands in an environment of constraint and risk.
Provide direction and timely decisions to lead programs.
Recognize, manage and learn from failure with processes such lessons learned.
Recruit and onboard program and project teams.
Report project status and key metrics.
Represent program with governance bodies.
Resolve tradeoffs such as cost vs. functionality.
Select and manage contractors.
Overview: Program Management Examples
The practice of leading multiple projects and initiatives that may be interrelated in complex ways.
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Program Management

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