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45 Examples of a Project Outcome

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Project outcomes are measurable or observable end results of a project. This can include business outcomes, community outcomes and knowledge capture. Project outcomes are often beyond your direct control and shouldn't be confused with project outputs that you directly deliver. For example, you can create a product as an output but can't directly control market outcomes for the product such as revenue. The following are common examples of a project outcome.
Attitude Changes
Behavior Changes
Brand Image
Brand Recognition
Business Competencies - things a business can do
Competencies - things a person can do
Cost Reduction
Customer Demand
Customer Engagement
Customer Loyalty
Customer Ratings
Customer Retention
Customer Reviews
Customer Satisfaction
Data Capture / Measurement Capabilities
Efficiency Improvement
Employee Engagement
Expanded Capacity
Gross Margin
Improved Living Conditions
Improved Safety
Improved Security
Improved Working Conditions
Increased Access to Resources (e.g. making a building more accessible to people with disabilities).
Increased Transparency
Know-how - teaching people to do things
Knowledge Capture
Knowledge Transmission - transfer of knowledge to people
Market Share
Media Reception (e.g. a product that is positively reviewed)
Perception Changes
Process Efficiency
Productivity Improvement
Proved Something is Possible
Quality of Life
Reduction in Crime
Reduction of Pollution
Regulatory Compliance
Restoration of Ecosystems
Risk Reduction
Saving Lives
Social Conditions
Systemic Change - change to systems

Financial Outcomes

Projects that generate revenue, reduce cost or improve the value of assets. For example, a product improvement project that increases sales by 3% over a 12 month period.

Strategic Outcomes

Outcomes that are relevant to the top-level strategy of an organization. For example, a project to reposition a brand towards a new brand image.

Operations Outcomes

Projects that improve your operations. For example, a project that reduces the unit cost of a manufacturing process.

Customer Outcomes

Projects that improve things for the customer. For example, a product release that removes customer pain points such as unwanted features.

Project Execution

How well the project itself has been delivered including elements such as budget, schedule, scope and stakeholder satisfaction.

Output vs Outcome

A project output is something that a project directly delivers. A project outcome is an end-result. The following are illustrative examples.
Launched a product.
Achieved revenue from product.
Built a duplex house.
Provided a home for two low income families to own.
Stress tested a material.
Determined the material has ultimate tensile strength of 3.5 Gpa.
Overview: Project Outcome
Measurable or observable end results of a project.
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