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39 Examples of Sales Analysis

Sales analysis is the practice of examining sales results, opportunities, forecasts, deals, performance, compensation and processes in a standard systematic way based on data. This is an operational role that supports management decisions and day-to-day business such as approval of deals. The following are common examples of sales analysis.
Analysis of Key Wins - i.e. to scale what worked
Analysis of Prices & Pricing Models
Analysis of Sales Performance
Analysis of Sales Processes - e.g. gap analysis to identify improvements
Assess Plans / Strategies Based on Analytics
Attach Rate
Calculate / Validate Sales Compensation
Churn Rate
Competitive Analysis
Conversion Rates
Creating Adhoc Reports / Presentations
Customer Acquisition Cost
Customer Profitability Analysis
Customer Retention Rate
Customer Scorecards
Customer Spend
Data Quality Analysis - e.g. accuracy of data entered by sales teams
Data Visualization
Deal Margins
Design of Sales Compensation Plans
Developing Sales Forecast Methods - i.e. to improve accuracy
Development of Automated Reports
Development of Dashboards
Identify Opportunities & Efficiencies
Market Analysis - e.g. price competitiveness
Market Share
Monthly Recurring Revenue
Number of Renewals
Pipeline Analysis
Quota Achievement Rate
Sales Campaign Planning
Sales Forecasts
Sales Planning
Share Of Wallet
Supporting Deal Approval - e.g. calculating margins
Time to Close
Track / Report KPIs
Tracking Commissionable Deals
Win Rate
Overview: Sales Analysis
The practice of examining sales results, opportunities, forecasts, deals, performance, compensation and processes in a standard systematic way based on data.
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