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103 Examples of Selection Criteria

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Selection criteria are guidelines or rules that will be used to choose a candidate for a job. This is preplanned to ensure fairness and transparency in recruiting. For these purposes, it is common to openly disclose selection criteria in a job post. Selection criteria can include eligibility requirements, knowledge, experience, talents, skills and characteristics that are relevant to performance in a job. The following are illustrative examples.
Accountability and ownership
Adaptability and flexibility
Attention to detail
Budget management
Business acumen
Business analysis
Change management across organizations
Coding proficiency
Communication skills
Conflict resolution
Continuous learning and development
Cost control
Creativity and imagination
Critical thinking
Cross-functional collaboration
Cross-functional leadership
Cultural competency
Cultural sensitivity
Customer advocacy
Customer service track record
Data analysis
Decision making
Dependability and reliability
Design expertise
Discretion and confidentiality
Educational qualifications
Emotional resilience
Emotional stability
Enthusiasm and willingness to learn
Entrepreneurial mindset
Establishing rapport
Ethics and integrity
Executive communication
Experience working with customers
Familiarity with systems, technologies and tools
Financial acumen
Formal communication
Friendly and approachable demeanor
Goal orientation
Grit and determination
Growth mindset
Industry experience
Industry knowledge and trend awareness
Interdisciplinary knowledge
Interest and enthusiasm for role and industry
Knowledge of principles and best practices
Language proficiency
Leadership potential
Leadership presence
Management experience
Openness and flexibility
Organizational fit
Organizational skills
Patience and empathy
Physical fitness and stamina (for physical work)
Poise under pressure
Policy planning and implementation
Politeness and courtesy
Political acumen
Portfolio of work
Positive attitude
Presentation and professional appearance
Presentation skills
Problem solving
Product knowledge
Professional certifications
Professional knowledge
Professional reputation and impact
Project management experience
Project management qualifications
Public speaking
Punctuality and reliability
Recordkeeping and documentation
Regulatory compliance
Relationship building
Research experience
Safety consciousness
Sales track record
Security awareness
Self-direction and independence
Sense of urgency
Service mindset
Service recovery – recovering customer satisfaction
Stakeholder management
Standards compliance experience
Strategic thinking
Subject matter expertise
Team leadership
Technical skills
Time management
Tolerance for ambiguity
Troubleshooting skills
Verbal and nonverbal communication
Work ethic
Work experience
Written communication


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