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Small Business

50 Examples of Small Business Goals

Small business goals are targets that a business adopts for a period of time such as a year. Small businesses are often focused on growing revenue, controlling cost and building competitive advantages such as customer relationships, productive employees and marketing prowess. The following are common examples of small business goals.
Build and sustain a reputation
Build and sustain customer relationships
Close more sales
Collect from customers / Reduce outstanding accounts receivable
Decrease customer attrition
Decrease customer complaints
Decrease customer requests such as order inquiries
Decrease returns
Develop advantages over the competition
Develop and sustain partnerships
Diversify revenue
Expand distribution
Expand into new markets
Grow market share
Improve employee performance
Improve margins and profitability
Improve partner performance
Improve pricing strategies
Improve ratings and reviews
Improve work-life balance for owners and/or employees
Increase and sustain productivity
Increase asset utilization
Increase brand recognition
Increase cash reserves
Increase conversion rate
Increase customer loyalty
Increase customer satisfaction
Increase inventory turnover
Increase number of customers
Increase revenue
Increase revenue per customer
Increase sales volumes
Increase visits
Increase volumes of high margin sales
Manage inventory efficiently
Recruit and retain talent
Reduce administrative work
Reduce cart abandonment
Reduce customer acquisition cost
Reduce debt
Reduce exchange rate risk
Reduce interest expenses
Reduce marketing costs
Reduce overhead costs
Reduce revenue instability
Reduce taxes
Reduce turnaround time for things like orders or services
Reduce unit costs / cost of goods sold
Retain customers
Secure financing

Small Business

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