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50 Examples of Socializing

Socializing is the process of interacting with people. This is a basic but surprisingly complex and difficult process that benefits from experience, knowledge and effort. The following are illustrative examples of socializing.
Adventure (with someone)
Community Interaction
Cultural Activities
Customer Service
Epic Experience
Events (that involve social interaction)
Family Time
Institutional Life
Language Acquisition
Learning Norms
Massively Multiplayer Online Game
Memberships (e.g. talking to people at your gym)
Mentors & Coaches
Networking (talking to new people)
Office Politics
Online Chat
Online Forums
Peer Pressure
Political Action
Political Organizations
Recreation (with someone)
Relationship Building
Religious Ceremonies
School Activities
School Classes
School Clubs
School Recess
Second Languages
Small Talk
Social Meals
Social Media
Sports (with someone or against someone)
Team Building
Team Sports
Time with Friends
Total Institutions
Vacations (with someone)
Work / School Lunches
Any interaction between people is socializing -- even where it has a serious purpose.
Play is a primary type of socializing for children that is considered a right.
Socialization is the way that people obtain culture such as language and norms.
Bonding is an emotional connection that can be achieved with close social interaction.
Epic experience is an experience that is deeply meaningful to an individual. These can be social. For example, a wedding ceremony that is meaningful to those closely involved.
Online experiences can be social and may lead to real world socializing. For example, a cosplay enthusiast who becomes active in a forum before attending their first cosplay conference.
Onboarding and orientation are the processes of socializing with new members of a group.
Abilities and knowledge that are beneficial to socializing are known as social skills.
Negative social experiences such as arguments, exclusion, sidelining and insults can help to build social resilience and skills. Generally speaking, socializing is turbulent such that disputes and minor insults are common.
Resocialization is the process of learning a completely new social environment. For example, moving to another country where you lack cultural capital.
Institutional life includes family life and any other institutions where people spend time.
Total institutions are places where people spend all or most of their time such that it represents their entire social system. For example, a prison, university or retirement home.
Spending a lot of time in a total institution can make it difficult to leave as it provides a complete social environment. For example, a student who ends up doing a PHD and becoming a professor because they fear life outside university.
Social processes have a strong cultural element, particularly language. As such, an individual who effortlessly socializes in one culture may have difficulties in another. General skills that allow an individual to socialize in all cultures are known as cultural competence. Knowledge and skills that allow an individual to socialize in a particular culture is known as cultural capital.
Socializing is essentially a type of calculated risk taking as people may hurt your feelings in one way or another. The vast majority of people feel that the risk is worth the reward as people inherently need to be around other people. Generally speaking, the more you push through risks and difficult social situations, the more your social life may thrive.
School plays a primary role in socializing children outside the family. For this reason, schools are typically required to respect the right to play by offering ample time for free play.

Social Behavior

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