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34 Examples of Time Off

Time off is permission to be absent from work and to disconnect from work related duties. This is a basic element of working conditions and quality of life whereby people need time to live their life outside of work. This is governed by regulations in most jurisdictions and many firms will also have unique policies and benefits in this area. The following are common examples of time off.
Adoption leave
Banked time off
Bereavement leave
Career break
Childcare leave
Company holidays and shutdown periods
Compensatory time & time off in lieu
Educational leave
Elder care leave
Family leave
Flex time – e.g. working longer each day to take one day off a week
Job sharing – reducing responsibilities to have more time off
Jury duty leave
Long service leave
Maternity leave
Mental health day
Military leave
National or state holidays
Parental leave
Paternity leave
Personal development time
Personal time off – often used to denote practice of pooling sick days, vacation days and any other reason for paid time off
Religious observance time off
Reserve duty leave
Retirement leave – using vacation days to retire a little early
Short-term and long-term disability
Sick leave
Snow days & unplanned company shutdowns
Themed company holidays such as Summer Fridays
Volunteer time off
Time off can be either paid or unpaid with this being set by labor laws and company policies.

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