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87 Types Of Shop

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A shop is a physical or virtual retail location. These range from very small shops that sell niche items to large scale warehouse-like shops that sell a great variety of products. Shops can include services such as beauty salons but restaurants that offer table service aren't considered shops as these belong to the hospitality industry. The following are common types of shop.
Art Gallery
Automotive Showroom
Beauty Salon
Big-box Store
Book Store
Brand Flagship
Brand Shop
Brand Showroom
Bread Shop
Cake Shop
Candy Store
Clothing Store
Concept Shop
Concession Stand
Convenience Store
Craft Shop
Cupcake Shop
Department Store
Discount Shop
Diy Shop
Dollar Store
Donut Shop
Dress Shop
Dry Cleaner
Duty-free Shop
Electronics Store
Fabric / Sewing Supplies
Farmers Market
Fashion Boutique
Fast Food Restaurant
Franchise / Chain Store
Fruit Market
Furniture Store
Garden Center
Gas Station
General Store
Gift Shop
Hobby Shop
Home Decor
Home Improvement
Imported Goods
Junk Shop
Kitchen Store
Luxury Brand Shop
Mattress Store
Mechanic / Garage
Music Shop
Newspaper Stand
Niche Shop
Outdoor Shop / Outfitter
Pharmacy / Drug Store
Pop-up Shop
Popular Culture (e.g. Anime Shop)
Reuse Cafe
Second-hand / Thrift Shop
Service Center
Software / Video Games
Souvenir Shop
Specialty Shop
Sports Store
Stationery Shop
Street Vendors
Surplus Shop
Takeout Restaurant
Tattoo Shop
Ticket Vendors
Trading Shop
Travel Agent
Truck Stop
Variety Store
Vegetable Market
A product showroom is often focused on marketing a product as opposed to closing sales. The exception are automotive showrooms that are often for sales.
A brand flagship is an elaborate shop that is designed to be a symbol of a brand. These are often located in posh areas and may feature remarkable architecture and interiors.
In theory, a co-operative is owned by customers.
A concept shop is centered around some abstract concept such as an interest, attitude or style. For example, a shop for people interested in a particular fashion trend that isn't aligned a single brand.
A concession stand is a shop that has paid for access to captive customers. For example, a souvenir shop that pays a premium to access passengers waiting for a flight.
A pop-up shop is a temporary location. These are often associated with an event such as a concert or industry conference.


Shops are physical or ecommerce locations that sell directly to consumers. These include dozens of common formats including those dominated by very large firms such as big box stores, supercenters and department stores. Shops also include formats that are popular amongst small businesses, family businesses and small chains such as specialty shops, boutiques and gift shops.

Retail Industry

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Retail Industry
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