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33 Examples of Work Accomplishments

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Work accomplishments are positive and notable work outcomes. It is common for these to be listed on a performance review or resume and to be discussed in an interview. The following are common types of work accomplishments with examples of each.


Directly or indirectly achieving revenue.
Implemented an in-memory database for the ecommerce site that increased page speed by 14%. This improved the conversion rate of the site resulting in an overall revenue increase in excess of $1 million a month.


Directly closing sales.
Exceeded sales quota for four consecutive quarters generating total sales of $44 million for the year.

Cost Reduction

Identifying and implementing cost saving initiatives.
Sponsored a program to replace an expensive database product with an open source equivalent. Reduced annual license fees by $840,000.


Influencing the direction of an organization.
Successfully pitched projects and initiatives to the executive board to achieved an increase in team budget of more than 50%.

Problem Solving

Identifying and solving a problem.
Complied and analyzed over 55,000 customer reviews to identify the causes of poor product ratings. Introduced product improvements such as a longer battery life that increased subsequent reviews by 18%.

Incident Management

Quickly solving urgent problems as they occur including temporary workarounds and fixes.
Resolved a severity one incident that brought down trading by backing out a recent change. Time to resolve was 12 minutes.

Process Improvement

Measuring a process, improving it and measuring again.
Improved the shipping process by introducing an algorithm that automatically chooses the correct box size for each order. This improved process throughput by 4% and reduced shipping costs by 11%.

Customer Satisfaction

Improving things for the customer.
Implemented an automatic cancellation that gives most customers a confirmation their order was canceled within 3 seconds. This was a significant improvement over the 12 hour window that was required by the manual process.

Customer Advocacy

Representing a valid customer concern to get it resolved.
Advocated for the large number of customers who complained that their bills were difficult to understand. Proposed and won approval for a project to redesign bills and implemented a new format that addressed common customer concerns.

Work Quality

Accomplishing high work quality.
Launched 17 code changes with zero severity 1 or 2 incidents or defects in production.


Emphasizing the total amount of work accomplished in a period of time.
Contributed code to 22 projects or changes with a total of about 44,000 lines of code shipped in the quarter.

Decision Making

Improving the maturity of a decision making process to make reasonable decisions in a timely manner.
Introduced payback analysis for project approvals to select projects with the most attractive risk-reward ratio.


Applying effort and attention to do things correctly.
Diligently applied security patches and best practices to achieve zero information security incidents.


Improving the amount of value created in an hour of work.
Automated common support requests to reduce cost per request from $28.80 to $22.02.


Reducing the cost of a resource or increasing the usefulness of a resource.
Consolidated servers to improve utilization from 2% to a more reasonable 20%. This reduced service fees by $4900 a month.


Resilience is the ability to perform under stress.
Implemented a telephone-based workaround process that processed 1800 passengers in time for their flight while our systems were down.


Directing teams and controlling processes.
Managed a team of 18 developers with a capex budget of $1.2 million and opex budget of $3.6 million.


Planning, managing and achieving a schedule.
Met dates with a schedule variance of less than 2% for all deliverables.


Planning, pitching and controlling a budget.
Controlled team budget with an annual budget variance of less than 1%.

Risk Management

Identifying and managing risk to reduce losses. This doesn't mean that you avoid risk, in fact risk management allows for more risk taking.
Identified risks to our supply chain and reduced this risk by diversifying suppliers from one nation to eight different nations. Hours of production delay due to supply chain was reduced by 100% from 17 hours a year to zero.


The results of negotiation.
Negotiated important changes to our outsourcing contract with ____ such as an option for us to interview, select and reject any resources assigned to us.


Getting people moving in the same direction without using formal authority.
Demonstrated leadership by managing stakeholders and providing guidance to junior members of the team. Achieved stakeholder satisfaction of 90%.


Coaching and mentoring other employees.
Coached new recruits in customer service practices and gave them regular feedback and help. Received positive feedback from recruits that this coaching helped them to perform.


Doing things without being asked.
Cleaned up incomprehensible code as part of the ____ project. Reduced code base by 8000 lines without any change to functionality.

Change Management

Driving forward change that faces resistance from the organization.
Championed security initiative that encrypted all sensitive customer data in storage. Overcame resistance from 50+ teams and departments to gain agreement on a plan that is now 70% implemented.


Continuing to be productive without direction or in ambiguous circumstances.
Ran the store without direction for more than 3 weeks when the store manager took an unexpected leave.


Adapting work processes or stepping into new roles or domains.
Successfully managed the front desk as required without any specific training or preparation.


Communication tasks such as meetings and public speaking.
Represented the bank by speaking at 4 risk management conferences including _______ in New York.

Office Politics

Creating internal political wins for your team.
Pitched the value of our services and projects to avoid budget cuts in an environment where budgets were cut by 17% overall.


Developing and communicating knowledge.
Developed a competitive intelligence report for the sales team that estimated the key selling points and prices of the competition for the _____ deal. Obtained feedback that this information helped the team close a $19 million deal.


Marketing accomplishments in areas such as promotion, pricing and distribution.
Won a distribution agreement with a major retailer in Japan that increased sales by 1.7%.


Communicating marketing messages to achieve goals.
Promoted the ____ conference in digital and print media. Generated 29,000 high quality leads that the sales team used to sell all event space and admission tickets. Achieved cost per lead of $2.90.


Reducing negative impacts on people and planet.
Sponsored project to replace cartridge printers with ink tank printers in the office. This eliminated the waste of 90 ink cartridges a month.


Work accomplishments can include any work you delivered and outcomes you achieved. Try to include measurements and indicate any feedback or recognition you received.
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